A hungry cat never gives up, with some supportive words from a few new friends can they reach the top? 

Note: Spacebar is the only control


Helen Cheng (meicheng)


Jamie Outram (jazzermazzer99)


Luke Woolley (jimmyfireblaze)



This game was made as a submission for the 48 hour Wholesome Games Jam of the Wholesome Games Discord community. The theme of the jam was "Don't give up."


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Lovely and fun little game. Nice background track, the long stretchy parts of a cat are quite amusing and the pride flags are also a cute touch~


I loved it, as a trans girl the flags were a nice surprise!

though the fact the cat stayed stretched was a bit annoying 

all around it was great! 

Glad you enjoyed it :D & thanks for the feedback, found it funny myself hehe


This was fun to play! I don't think I can make it past the trans pride flag haha. Surprisingly relaxing even though it's super hard!

Thanks for playing! Secret is to jump straight to the balcony ;)


0:03 lolongcat! Definitely gave up though xD

Aww what a really pretty nice and fun game @_@"
I kept on getting stuck at that platform above, but "Don't Give UP" am I right?!?

Thankyou! Stick at it and you'll get it in no time :D